Scholarships and Social Facilities

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Scholarships and Social Facilities

Nutrition Aid

At the beginning of each academic year, free lunch support is provided to the students (1000 people) with insufficient economic status determined by the Board of Directors of our University. Students who want to benefit from free food support apply in October by submitting a copy of their identity card, criminal record, income statement. The Nutrition Commission, determined by the Rectorate, goes to the units to determine the students in need and has a one-to-one meeting with the students and identifies the students who need nutritional aid. Free lunch application is valid for one academic year and applications must be renewed every year. If the student who is entitled to receive the free lunch service does not use this right regularly, he / she will stop using the application and cannot benefit from it again during the year. 

Grant Services

Our university has established a grant system through the Student Loans and Dormitories Institution and the Turkish Education Foundation to facilitate their educational lives for our students who need financial support.

Grant of Higher Education Student Loans and Dormitories Institution and (allocated to universities)

According to the grant information from the Student Loans and Dormitories Institution, quotas are distributed on the basis of units. In the last week of October and the first week of November, students apply to the units for the grant. The Grant Commission established in the units identifies successful students who need help and inform the Health, Culture and Sports Department. Then, the money of students who earn grant  in January is delivered to our students through Ziraat Bank. 

TEV Grant 

The Turkish Education Foundation reports the quotas allocated to our University at the beginning of the academic year, to the Health, Culture and Sports Department. Our Department distributes the quota and sends it to the relevant units. The relevant units establish a commission and identify successful students. The determined students collect the necessary documents and deliver them to their department. This information is collected in a list at the Health, Culture and Sports Department. These lists are delivered to the Turkish Education Foundation's Headquarters until the end of November. Similarly, these students start receiving their grants starting from January. 

Part-Time Work 

Part Time Student Employment

Our university provides the opportunity to work for volunteer students who want to earn money by working part-time in order to use their spare time and to provide economic contribution to those who are in economic disability. Job opportunities are provided to 730 students in one academic year.

Our part-time students are insured against occupational accidents and diseases and are employed in the units of our university. It is determined by the University Board of Directors by not paying one-fourth of the daily gross minimum wage determined for workers over the age of 16, in accordance with the Labor Law No. 4857, by paying our students an hour of work. 

Units for Part-Time Students to Work

Students can be operated in the teaching laboratory, education and research projects, computer labs, etc. in places to provide support. Part-Time students working in such places can work for a maximum of 3 hours a day. 


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